Professioanl family portraits Manly Beach, Northern Beaches Sydney

Not too much to say about my musical career or ability, I have none. With no real background in music or playing musical instruments, I finally decided to learn the guitar in 2002 after a family member had their 21st birthday in Sydney. With no real great desire to play live at any stage, I had lots of jam sessions with friends, learning as much as I could.
Till one day someone said Steve can u sing this song (recollection of the song eludes me.. whatever it was ) I said I’ll give it a go…… so Nek Minute, there I am doing lead vocals in a duo…. Go figure
From there my mystical musical ability basically evolved into a journey of “fun and enjoyment”. Something I believe in and follow this mantra today. From a duo doing covers to a rock band doing originals, I was on a great path towards finding the different musical styles that interest me.
I have played live music throughout Sydney’s pubs, clubs, restaurants, private parties and weddings. I have played in the Central West NSW, Orange, Parkes and the famous Bushtucker festival in Trundle.
After playing in a duo/rock band for 8 years, I took a very short break. Two years ago during this time I was asked by my friend Sarah Taranaki if I can help with a charity event, as an acoustic duo. Before our 2nd rehearsal started, we had gone from a duo to a 5piece collective group of musical friends.
The beginnings of a new band “Kotahi Groove”
I am the rhythm guitarist and one of three very special vocalists. Surrounded by very talented musicians, I am enjoying the great experiences that playing music has to offer.
So to all you live music fanatics out there, come travel this journey with me, It’s always about the ‘fun and enjoyment’