Thank You July

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Now that was a busy month, ….

We had a couple birthday celebrations as well as some pubs and clubs performances. Thanks to all the Groovers who attended the pubs and club gigs, it was a real blast….The Master Builders Club was a great gig for a first time appearance, and we have been asked back to perform again so keep an eye out for that Saturday night gig people, especially all you evening Groovers in the Dee Why area.


We returned to the Bald Rock Hotel in Balmain, and didn’t that place just pump……a cosy, quaint, historic pub tucked away…..Awesome place , we have always had fun at this venue. A real experience with a 6 piece band, especially when people say you can’t fit in that corner???…….yeah right, I was told there is no such thing as can’t….tight squeeze maybe but not can’t!!! haha. As one local resident put it ” you guys are real tight”…. and your always welcome in my street and hood……cheers Brutha.

The ” HOE”…….the Ivanhoe Hotel Manly, well that’s the what us locals called it in our day and the still do today…..this joint has been fully renovated 8 months ago and is the place to go in Manly. We where so lucky to play in the Hoe before its Reno and now we have returned, we are looking to play here on a regular basis so keep you posted on that. Its one of those venues where you had to get there early cause the queue starts bout 9pm to get in…..we started at 10pm and finished a bit afta 1pm, gotta love those gigs where you feel like playing longer. We cant wait to hit the Hoe in the summer sessions…..


We celebrated a couple of significant birthdays this month, a 50th for a Brutha and a 70th for a former Kiwi musician. Both parties celebrated in style, families , friends and each birthday boy doing their groove thang!!. James the magic man on the dance floor and Robert the amazing ultimate professional drummer back in his day. It was an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of your celebrations……cheers to you!!

With this month busy, we have a 3week break in early August but hitting it again at the end of the month, the roll into September with sparks flying…

Can’t wait…. See ya at our next gig Groovers…..and



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