The Farewell….

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Big shout out to our Kotahi Groove drummer….. Here King!!

Here King groovers has decided to take a well earned break from KG…. Enjoying other interests in life.
Here King is KG’s original drummer from the days when we started rehearsals over 5 years ago in friends homes, garages and rehearsal studios in Narraweena, Collaroy and Brookvale. We have all shared many memories over the past 5 years together. We have travelled to the central west of NSW, in and round Sydney’s pubs n clubs and last year to Aotearoa playing gigs.

Here King would like to give a huge “Thank You” and big “Cheers” to all you groovers and live music lovers who have supported him over the many years with Kotahi Groove.
“It was much appreciated and a great adventure which makes playing the kit so much fun.”…Here King

It is always hard to see friends leave your company but you know that the bond of friendship lasts a lifetime.

“There are tall ships….
There are small ships….
There are ships that sail the sea…..
But there’s no ships… Like friendships….
So cheers to you and me !!! “

On behalf of your fellow musicians of Kotahi Groove…We’d like to wish you all the best in your musical journey. Thank You …..for all your rhythms and grooves, trills and fills, splashes and rides, rudiments, counts, tempos, triplets and snares, from hi hats to double kicks, to intros and outros……..along with all the hard mahi (work) over the many years.

Safe travels and journey Here.